Beautiful Cities in Belgium to Visit

Here are all the most beautiful cities in Belgium to visit and see the best areas in the country! While Brussels and Bruges are pretty well known, Belgium in general seems to go pretty under the radar when it comes to traveling Europe. There are so many cities with their own unique characteristics, like the versatile Antwerp, romantic Bruges, or off the beaten path Kortrijk. Trust me, you're going to want to visit all of them by the end of this post!
Brussels- the capital of Belgium is the perfect city to start this list with. Although most people speak French here, you'll soon discover that there are also many Dutch-language elements. As there are two languages, there are also two faces of Brussels. On the one hand the city has fantastic hotspots and sights, on the other hand there are also streets that are not at all charming.
Namur - The French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia, has a capital just like the country itself. You probably already guess it: Namur! A river flows through the city, the Sambre flowing into the Maas, and that immediately sets the tone for the beauty of the city. On a warm day it is wonderful to stroll along the water. When you find yourself in need of some renewed energy, walk towards the cozy restaurants.
Bruges - Bruges is one of the most romantic cities in Belgium to visit, although you may have known that for a long time. The romance is in the air! With its Medieval city center, you can walk from photogenic streets to the lively market square without being bored of impressive buildings. You can find beautiful architecture, stunning sights, and cozy eateries in this city.
Verviers - Verviers is the name of this city of fountains. Located in the Ardennes, it has 21 different fountains, most of which are actually worth visiting. They all look beautiful and / or have a special history.
Walk through Verviers and visit all the different fountains along a set route or discover what you encounter on your way to one of the sights. It also has quite a few special churches, and you will find various parks. There’s also plenty to discover in the city for museum lovers.
It is not a very famous city break destination and that is precisely why Verviers is so nice to visit. Explore the city at leisure and enjoy places that have not yet been discovered by the masses!