Beautiful Places in the Netherlands

Naturally, with such a beautiful globe full of tropical beaches, bright green rain forests and glittering peaks, it is easy to forget what kind of beauty can be found in our own Netherlands. That's why today, I wanted to write a guide all about the most beautiful places in the Netherlands!
Castle Haar - Castle Haar has to be the most or one of the most charming castles in the Netherlands. It's been around since at least the 14th century, possibly the 13th, and it looks every bit like the fairytale castles I'm used to seeing in France, not near me.
Haarlem - Of course, we can't leave Haarlem off this list. With its historic buildings, cozy atmosphere, narrow streets, original boutiques, and plenty of undiscovered courtyards, you can easily enjoy all the beauty this city has to offer.Go and eat a cake at Bij Babette, which serves delicious homemade scones, cakes, and tarts. Other things to do in Haarlem include visiting one of the museums (such as the Teylers Museum), going for a walk in the Haarlemmerhout, renting a boat, or going for a drink in the Jopenkerk.
Maastricht - one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Maastricht is the capital of the province of Limburg. What makes Maastricht so special? In addition to its international character and the hospitality, Maastricht has much more to offer. The different neighborhoods, pleasant squares, and unique eateries make it an excellent city to go to.
The Hague - while the Hague isn’t exactly beautiful in the way other cities on this list are, I didn’t want to exclude it because of its royal character. Rent a bicycle so you can see all corners of the city! It has a lot of offer, especially if you’re looking to travel outside the main center. Go to the beach, I recommend Zuiderstand, or visit the Zeeheldenkwartier district, the Prins Hendrikstraat, and the Piet Heinstraat. The Frederikhendriklaan has several cool boutiques.