Most Beautiful Places in Portugal

This list of most beautiful places in Portugal is a bit of mix for anyone hoping to holiday here. With so much variety, there's something for everything - gorgeous regions with unique cities, beaches, nature reserves, and, of course, the breathtaking islands that form the Azores.
Algarve - the Algarve has beautiful rock formations that together with the beach and sea form the spectacular coastline of Portugal. The lively Faro is the most important city in the region, and that is mainly because the international airport is located here. From here, many holiday makers spread throughout the beautiful south of Portugal. The Algarve has a pleasant climate where it is also great to stay outside of the high season. It is therefore not surprising that the beaches are one of the most popular areas.
Northern Portugal - nature is beautiful in northern Portugal and also one of the main reasons for traveling here. The many vineyards, often called quintos, are a striking appearance in the landscape. The Douro River runs like a golden thread through the region and is surrounded by endless greenery.
Northern Portugal is not only the wild nature. The famous city of Porto is also located in this region. When reading the name you immediately think of the drink 'port,' then you are in the right place. The origin of this fortified wine is indeed in Porto and the surrounding Douro Valley. Extra fun as a wine lover is participating in a wine tour, where you go on a voyage of discovery through the Portuguese vineyards.
Alentejo - the Alentejo region is in the south of Portugal. It is known as one of the quieter places in the country where you don’t see many tourists. Alentejo is roughly the size of the Netherlands, but considerably fewer residents. Perfect to completely unwind. It also means that you can see the starry sky as we almost never see it in the Netherlands due to light pollution. The mysterious universe sparkles above your head when you lie outside on your back at night.
Alentejo is a beautiful region to drive through when you take a small road trip through Portugal. The small-scale seaside resorts lend themselves to a wonderful day at the beach and also vineyards, rock formations, olive trees and mountains pass when you visit this undiscovered part of Portugal.
Alqueva - admiring the beautiful starry sky we were just talking about? You can do that at the special reservoir Alqueva in Alentejo. If you really want to relax then the surroundings of Alqueva are the perfect place for you. Due to the remote location there is little light pollution, so you can really see at night why Alqueva is so special. You will also find clear, clear nights most of the year.
If you prefer not to go on a voyage of discovery alone, there are also organized adventures that you can undertake in the dark. Riding with your loved one under the starry sky, how romantic do you want it to be? Also visit Aldeia da Luz if you are in the area. The village was literally moved when the old village was flooded by the construction of the Alqueva Reservoir.