Solo Travel Destination: Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza, the beautiful city between Madrid and Barcelona always attracts me for its beautiful neighborhoods and, of course, friendly atmosphere. The nearest city to Zaragoza for my route is Barcelona. An hour and a half later, I found myself standing in front of the most beautiful cathedral I've ever visited. I declare that El Pilar is much more fascinating than Notre Dame in Paris. Nevertheless, I can't deny the magnificence of Notre Dame. El Pilar's design is based on both Christian and Islamic architecture. The inside is full of breathtaking sculptures. The atmosphere is so divine it could turn an atheist into a believer. For me, it changed me to a believer, but a believer in human abilities. The stunning capabilities of human nature, which led him to create this amazing place, just to present this supreme beauty to the world. I had the same feeling when I was at Musee du Louvre. The sculptures were somehow alive, they were only missing a beating heart. Amazing!
My hotel window would open out to the main door of the cathedral. On my left I had the Goya statue in my sight. What a breathtaking view. I made myself comfortable, and started resting a little. After a few minutes, it started raining followed by the beautiful chorus that could be heard from the cathedral. It was heavenly. You know, I'm weak towards beauty, and the intensity of that moment could lead me to redemption.
After the ceremony, I celebrated the rest of the night in a restaurant. We drank Amber beer (every region in Spain has its own typical beer and Amber is Zaragoza's specialty) followed by dinner. I tasted the most delicious raspberry liqueur accompanied by a plate of profiteroles. I had the time of my life spending a great night among fellow artists. Then we departed. I had to walk all the way to my hotel. What could be better than walking under the enchanting moonlight and feeling the slight breeze on my cheek while thinking of the day to come.
The next morning, I had to check out. I glanced at the Goya statue for one last time, made my way through the mystical early morning fog, and said farewell to the birthplace of one of the most amazing artists the world has ever seen.