Swansea’s Paul Arriola apologises after historical ‘offensive’ tweets resurface

Swansea City’s on-loan forward Paul Arriola has apologised for a number of “offensive and discriminatory” historical social media posts.

The messages were written nearly a decade ago but re-emerged on Twitter, prompting a lengthy apology from the 26-year-old.

The USA international, who is on loan from DC United, wrote: “I have recently seen some tweets from my personal account from when I was a teenager in 2012 resurface on Twitter and while they have not received much attention I wanted to acknowledge those and address them.

“I am ashamed and apologize for the choice of offensive and discriminatory words I used in the tweets as they were not acceptable then or now. I can assure you that I have grown and learned since then and those tweets did not accurately portray me as a human being at that time in my life, and they certainly do not now.

“Those who know me know my true character through my heart, desires, and actions. I am aware of the privileged position I am in as a professional athlete and role model to many young soccer players and supporters and I can assure you that posts containing such language will never be used again.”

Arriola has made three substitute appearances for Swansea since joining in February and was on the bench for Saturday’s victory over Middlesbrough.

Swansea said in a statement: “Swansea City has been made aware of historical social media posts by Paul Arriola, prior to his arrival at the club. We want to make clear we do not condone any form of discriminatory behaviour from anyone associated with our club.

“Swansea City has been discussing the issue with Paul, and we support his decision to be the one to address these historical tweets and to issue an apology. Paul is committed to participating in both unconscious and conscious bias training, which he will undertake upon his return to DC United. Swansea City will be making no further comment on this matter.”